photography: rome behind the scenes

I know I am going to regret not going to Rome this year, since I do every year, but plans are a little different and my usual trip abroad will consist of a few surprise destinations.  Until then I want to share with you this amazing article I found online, about photography and Rome. Two of my favorite hobbies. The interesting thing is I know exactly where the photos were taken, even the one below:


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beauty article of interest or not

I tend to stay away from reading too many beauty articles. Mostly because I like to discover and create my own beauty regiment, and follow what works for me. God knows I’ve tried them all, brands, colors, application techniques, different regiments, and through it all I found what works for me personally. This is one area I feel isn’t shareable because everyone is different, and not all products work for any two people the same way. But since I also believe in mostly organic beauty secrets, like the ones my grandmother, and aunts used decades ago, I found this article simply delightful, and for sure something worth sharing.


What are your beauty secrets?

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healthy eating: kale quinoa bites

Over the weekend I maintain my healthy eating as much as possible, minus of course the occasional bottle of wine I share with friends and family. But come Mondays, I want to share with you only healthy recipes to set the tone for the week. I’ve worked hard  losing weight and toning my body, and I will not let it go to waste :).

Anyway, check out this kale and Quinoa Bites recipe, very easy to make and surely wonderful to nibble on here and there:

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healthy recipes: green vegetables

My diet could technically consist of veggies and fruits with maybe some chicken and salmon here and there. It’s funny, at the grocery store, my shopping cart looks like a vegetable stand. So, as you might guess, I have my style of veggie saute, but it’s always nice to share something I’ve tried from other chefs or bloggers.

Here’s a couple of my favorites:


Chinese String Beans


Roasted Brussel Sprouts


travel destination: Vietnam, Sơn Đoòng

I am always following travel, learning about new destinations, untapped territory, and whatever organic  destination someone discovers.

So, here is one about Vietnam, and the fascinating cave with its own climate, jungle and river which runs through it. A travel destination for those who seek adventure. In all reality, we’ve all seen an underworld in movies. But I never imagined for it to exist.


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paris fashion week: balenciaga 2015-16

Ah the love of fashion, the creative aspect of it, the vision, the wonderful exciting suggestions from every designer, always taking a risk, and raising the bar. I love all of it. I live for fashion, and wish I could partake in attending all fashion weeks in Paris, Milan, New York. You get the point.

Here are some of my favorites from Balenciaga and of course you are welcome to click here to see the rest:






friday’s five interesting finds online – vol. one

Here I go again, revamping something I’ve done years ago. Sharing with you all a few interesting finds online.

1. I go to Paris at least once a year, and during my trip I shop at Monoprix for all of my snacks, and bottled water and so on. I actually look forward to doing that. So, here’s a story about Monoprix and how I will never venture out into their basements. Although it is an interesting find:


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2. Twenty-Five things I didn’t know about Breakfast at Tiffany’s was an article I stumbled upon while looking up information about George Peppard-at the time the handsome actor who portrayed Holly’s love interest in the film. I was using his portrayal as research for my next novel. Anyway, here are the facts if you are interested.


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3. Flight MH370 disappeared nearly a year ago (3/8/2014) and its story the most daunting. Still today, we have no idea what happened, and all of us rely on speculation, although deep down we all have a pretty good idea as to what really happened. We may have to wait for twenty years to get a confession:


4. On a much lighter note, The Sound of Music turns 50 this year. The film is the first one I saw as a young girl, realizing right away I wanted to go into acting. I longed for the dream, but never pursued it. Too many things got in the way, but I will never stop appreciating the film for opening my eyes to a world of possibilities-the arts and entertainment industry:


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5. Hidden gem hotels of San Francisco is an article I couldn’t resist scrolling through to find out if the suggested gems in my city where truly the gems of the city, for hotels that is. I am on the fence about the list because I can’t consider any of these hotels a gem. They are nice, but not a gem. But then again you may disagree:


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