friday’s five interesting things online – vol 3

So many articles, almost so little time to read them all. But I make an effort daily, weeding out my favorites. This week’s finds – click on the photographs to be redirected to the articles:

Never once I imagined while I strolled through this very corridor of the Palace in Monaco, that once Grace Kelly stood there to be photographed for her wedding.


photo chronicles of Grace Kelly in Monaco

Never once did I imagine this would happen, when I turned over my very first souvenir of the Eiffel Tower and read Made in China.


Paris in China?

Never once did I imagine an AMERICAN newspaper posting details of the Armenian Genocide on the front page of the paper


New York Times Reports On The Armenian Genocide?

We never imagine it could really be possible to quit life, and move abroad, or do we?


Inspiring stories of expats

Can you imagine being as rich as the rich?


How rich do you want to be?


travel: how I travel through france

I’ve been to France, mostly Paris, a dozen or more times, and every time I announce my plans to go, those who know me simply nod, unable to fathom the obsession I have with the country. It doesn’t matter, I am aware that only some of us understand Paris.

How I travel through France is easy. I do it mostly by train, and I alternate the cities or towns I plan to visit each year, making Paris always my last stop for a week or so to simply take it all in. I walk through the neighborhoods, stopping only at a cafe here and there to rest, and people watch. I picnic by the Seine River, I sunbathe seated on a chair in Luxembourg Gardens, and I watch the sun set by the Eifel Tower. Never once skipping on visiting several old bookstores, and thumbing through books I know I would never find here in the states.  That’s all in Paris.

I’ve also circled the country from one end to the other, visiting castles, wineries, museums, war memorials, spectacular historical places, and even Disney World, and as I mentioned, I do it all by train, staying mostly in small villages or towns, with the most basic amenities–the entire time appreciating the culture, and admiring the countryside.

This year, while planing my trip, I decided to include a day trip from Paris to Fontainebleau to visit the Chateau. But then I got sidetracked, and have altered my plan to check this out instead:



decor: studio apartment living

I downsized my life about five years ago, leaving the suburbs, moving back to San Francisco, and loving every second of open concept studio apartment living. It’s funny how much we accumulate over the years, furnishing rooms and every wall almost unnecessarily. When all we need are the basics, and simplified decor. Sharing with you some of my favorites from here:



simple colors




work space, no window covering







travel forum: for those interested

I was a travel agent in my past life, and I must say it stuck with me because I cannot get enough information about travelling, and best kept secrets, or historical finds and new destinations and so on and so on. Here’s some of the info I want to pass on to you:


Five Hidden boutique hotels in Italy


A Week In India


Africa’s Wine Country


Celebrity Villas you can rent

{photo and article credit from here}

seven cocktails for the sophisticated woman according to elle decor

I do go out with friends or co-workers here and there, and what I find frustrating is when the bartender asks “what will you have?’ Because I freeze up, even though I know what my preferred drink is at that particular bar or restaurant.  Yes, I know which bar/restaurant specialize in what drink the best.

Anyway, just in case you experience the same drama, Elle Decor has a list to consider, check it out here:


{photo and article credit, click here}

friday’s five interesting finds online – vol. 2

We are definitely on information overload. So much so, that we can’t keep up with everything we see, read, or even consider learning from things popping up, flashing, and rotating on the computer screen anytime we log in to get online.

This week, these five things stuck in my mind:

1. A Ghost town in suburban Paris. The story of how an airport was forced to buy a town by a decree, and was instructed to upkeep it. Here’s the article:


2. Stanford University decided parents making less than 125K a year will not have to pay their child’s tuition. Read the article here:


3. The Trevi Fountain in Rome is closed for renovation. But don’t worry the city has made sure you have an opportunity to toss a coin no less. See the video here:

4. Siena, Italy, Duomo of Sienna, an incredible church I visited a few years back, the floors were covered. This year in July 2015 for the expo, they will be uncovering the floors. What a site to see I am sure. Here is the article:


5. Architecture and Design. My favorite topics and one I follow religiously online. So if you are interested May 4, 2015, the winner of the best architecture will be announced. Here is the article:


Enjoy your weekend everybody!!!

photography: ocean and sea

All my life I’ve been drawn to water, and have been fortunate enough to live near the ocean for over 30-years of my life-the ocean views from my bedroom window I’ve never once taken for granted. I also spend countless hours taking photographs of the ocean, in different lights, different seasons, years and so on.



So, you can imagine my amazement when I stumbled upon this article about photographer Ray Collin’s galant efforts to photograph water in the most enchanting way possible. Click and scroll down here to watch the video of him explaining how he does it. Then click here to access his website. Fascinating is an understatement if you ask me…



{click here for photo credit}

recipe: grilled avocado and caprese

Why is it on Monday’s I ‘m thinking about food? Anyway, over the weekend I found this recipe online and surprised my hubby with it. It’s funny I hardly followed the step by step. I simply looked at the photograph and knew exactly how to recreate. I also poached eggs and dropped it on top. It was delicious.  So, either way you try it, this is a fun and simple meal for a Friday night wind down with a bottle of your favorite cab.


click on photo to be redirected

{photo and recipe credit click here}

photography: rome behind the scenes

I know I am going to regret not going to Rome this year, since I do every year, but plans are a little different and my usual trip abroad will consist of a few surprise destinations.  Until then I want to share with you this amazing article I found online, about photography and Rome. Two of my favorite hobbies. The interesting thing is I know exactly where the photos were taken, even the one below:


{photo and article credit click here}