the black and white of kitchen decor

Although most kitchen remodel today suggest modern and clinical, I tend to lean towards French country inspired suggestions while searching for new ideas. There is something to be said about white cabinetry and subway tiles. A bold chandelier, a touch of color. A slab of marble or distressed counter tops and a dark wood center island perfectly ensembled in a brightly lit area of a home.

interior decor: in-home office space for the creative writer

I crave for an in-home office space of my own just so  I could lock the outside world out while I work on my novel and postings for my blogs. I never realized how important the space was until I sold my home a few years back.

Nonetheless, while I strive towards having my very own in-home office (again), I have begun to compile photos of  my favorites to incorporate into my very own style.

I  do believe that a creative writers space should be warm, inviting, colorful, comfortable, inspiring and as unique and different from the rest of the house as possible. The room should give you a sense of escape from the uniformity of every day life and traditional office spaces both in the home and at work and should be one, which can only be used by you.

interior decor: calming and esthetically pleasing style

A man ‘s home is his  castle. I think I’ve heard this saying a dozen times and since I truly appreciate all forms of design and architecture, I truly believe that if a home is a man’s castle (well in my book it’s also a woman’s castle) then he, and once married, mostly she should find ways to  make it a calming and esthetically pleasing place and of course words are not enough to express what I mean (as usual) so here are some of my favorite calming and esthetically pleasing style :)

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interior or exterior design: doors with a statement

There are many components to a home which, like fashion, either make or break (in this case), the flow. And although I appreciate interior decor as much as the next person, I also admire interior or (in this case) also exterior design: Doors.

As a result of my passion, I have taken over a thousand photos of doors during my travels and here in San Francisco and when I come across one I admire in a magazine or the internet, I click and save it. :).

Here are some of my favorite doors

interior decor: five things i want this summer

I know I’ve said this before, but after moving back to the city (being San Francisco) from suburbia, I decided to dwell in a small studio until I figure out what neighborhood I want to truly call home.  Actually this particular decision has inspired me to no end to finish my novel.

So, while I contemplate flats or apartments, the Richmond district or Nob Hill,  view of the ocean or the rolling hills of San Francisco, I dream of making the following changes to my studio apartment:

Adding a distressed artists bureau

Investing in new bedding

Adding more Parisian reminders

Crown molding to spruce up the room

Shifting to bold colors to escape the gray foggy days ahead

haute interior decor for my taste

Some of the best interior decorating ideas come from staying in boutique hotels, in addition of course to looking through interior decorating magazines.

I don’t know about you, but I do get inspired from my surroundings and with camera in hand chronicle the most haute interior decors to use while creating my own style.

Here are some of my favorites:

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interior affairs

I have to admit, after the emotional roller coaster of a week I had last week, I decided it was time to shift gears and stare at some amazing “adult” home decorating ideas.

My favorites this week come from here, here and here

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