interesting finds online – volume 3

I read articles, hundreds of them always in search of that story, the one inspiring me or giving me ideas for my novels – plus I am curious, always wanting to learn more. Anyway, I decided to do a compilation of these finds on my blog a while back, hoping to share them with you. Here’s volume 3. Always remember to click on the photo to be redirected.


One of my favorite spots when I visit Los Angeles


Celebrity real estate if you are interested

chicest dessert bars

Chicest dessert bars in New York on my to taste test list


A cool blog to follow


Inspiring Venice photography


fashion week and favorite designers

Fashion week, whether  in New York, Paris, London, Milan and more, is one naturally most of us tune into, anxiously waiting to see what the new styles and suggestions are. From it all I can’t decide if Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter is my favorite. In any case, here are some of my favorites all bundled and one click away from a more detailed look.

ny fashion week

Designer: Oscar De La Renta


Designer Oscar De La Rente


Designer: Ralph Lauren


Designer: Tom Ford

adding some positive in your life

This week’s been a little strange. It happens – to the best of us. September usually is strange in general for me. That’s why I often take a trip this month to hide in Europe for several weeks, until October to be exact, to return when the leaves have nearly turned color, and the crisp cool air in the early morning hours and evenings suggest the season change – calming me.

This year however, I stayed put, not going anywhere late summer since I have much to do. And then I realized, it was better to go away just as I’d done for years. So, please stand by as I readjust and recalibrate my to do list and goals so that by the end of the year, I feel more happy that I have reached a few goals, then be sad, that I haven’t reached them all.


taking time to think about relationships

Everything in life we do requires a reassessment to see what can be improved, changed, fixed. We do this with our health, with our children, a home remodel and even with our finances. So why not about a relationship? There are times in life we all experience hard days, especially in relationships we’ve invested in for decades and want to see through it. So taking time to ponder, outweighing the good and the bad, figuring out how to make the right changes, the positive ones and the best for the both of you is important. So today I declare TAKING TIME TO THING ABOUT YOUR RELATIONSHIP day.

the damages of eating out

Several years ago, we ate out all the time. Not only did it hurt the pocket book. It also affected our health – gaining weight, high blood pressure and other unwanted ailments I choose not to list. So we stopped, deciding that it was important to grocery shop and making our own home-cooked meals. It worked. We lost the weight. The blood pressure went down, and we acquired a new and improved taste for food – using less salt and bringing about the flavors by choosing other spices and garnish. A little over a month ago, due to my hectic schedule in general and trying to fit in too much in a day, we reverted back to eating out at minimum 4 nights a week. Suddenly, I hated food, everything we ate had too much salt used for flavoring mostly or even to cover up some unpleasant tastes. I wondered if it were possible to ask for less salt when ordering my food, but never considered bothering the waiter. Then I went for a physical and discovered my blood pressure was back up to a place I am not too happy about. Salt, I knew was the culprit, and it was time I made a change. But I had to wait until I returned from a business trip down to Los Angeles this past week to promote my novels, because I knew I was going to eat out every day for five days. And here is where I start:


Sodium smart meals – click photo to be redirected


taking a day to remember 911

As I drove by Pepperdine University in Southern California yesterday on my way back home to San Francisco, I noticed flags, beautifully displayed on a field adjacent to Highway 1. At first glance I was in awe, amazed  mostly by the beautiful display. And just as I drove past the wonderful dedication, I realized it was there for remembering 911. I was deeply touched.

a treehouse: a writer’s paradise

For the past year or maybe less, I’ve been hooked on a television show called Treehouse Masters. At first I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to live in a tree house or escape to it. But the more I watched the more I realized this is really something I would do. Especially when I need to escape for hours to plot out my writings or simply just meditate. Well, as normal while I scrolled through the internet looking for articles to inspire me, I came across this one - about a uniquely beautiful treehouse and I had to share, simply having fallen in love with the set up and wishing I could build one of my own, with views of a lake or any water of some sort.




{photo credit from here}

travel: venice canals in venice california

When I travel to anywhere, I am always looking for the unusual to see. Something that would mostly impress and inspire me to develop a storyline. So, as you can tell exploring the Venice Canals in Venice, California is a must. I’m not going to get into the story behind the story, you can click here to read about it. But I am going to say, that please don’t compare the canals to the ones in Venice Italy. Instead stroll along the area early morning hours, before the heat, and take in the peacefulness of the experience.


where to buy novels written by m.l.kilian

I’ve been asked via email if the novels I’ve written are available in e-book, or paperback version and where they are sold. As you know brick and mortar bookstores are disappearing, and the ones remaining (at least in the states) are the indie bookstores – most too small to house all books in print. So, my novels – Piazza Navona and Nob Hill are both available to order online – in e-book format and paperback. However, if you love a good bookstore like I do, then by all means go in person, and order the books to pick up from the store or have it shipped to your home.  Either option you choose, you will love the story:

In addition, you can also order the paperback version through my shop here at a deep discount.


And, if you happen to have read one book and weren’t sure if there was a part I or part II (depending on which you chose to read first) – then consider following my blog (click banner) to always stay connected on upcoming events and newly released books:

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