recipe: fun grilled cheese sandwich

My weakness indeed. I can eat cheese every day, twice even, but I know my limitations and opt to eat healthy mostly and cheesy foods maybe once a week. I loved this grilled cheese sandwich and since I make a variation of it at home, I wanted to share it with all of you. My variation is freshly sliced tomatoes and just ripe avocado, and if the tomatoes are old, I stew them and spread that across the sandwich. Delicious doesn’t even express how good this sandwich is – in moderation of course. ;) – choice of bread is left up to you. I use toasted Italian or French sliced bread.

For The real recipe please click here and under no circumstances do I take credit for the photo – it came from here. I am just luring you with it.


interesting finds online – vol 1


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3. Best Noodle Houses in New York City. Click here for a list

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5. Boyhood – a film worth seeing. Click here for the article:

both of my novels on sale through atelier300

I am excited to report that both of my novels, Piazza Navona and Nob Hill, are now on sale through Amazon for 9.99USD for the paperback version. Normally 16.95 and 15.95 respectively.  If you are interested please follow this link to Atelier300, an affiliate shop I am currently working with to offer new prints at a discount.


photography: napa wineries overcast

As I drove along the windy road aiming to get to the wineries on Sunday, I was a little disappointed when I noticed it was raining. This reaction is of course expected, since we don’t usually get rain in the bay area in the so called summer months and second, why did it happen on the one day I decided to go to the wineries trying to escape the dreary foggy/muggy weather in San Francisco. I know, I’m acting like a brat.

Anyway, I realized after parking my car that the colors from the gray skies to the green of the vines to the neutral tones of the dirt with colorful flowers here and there made for amazing photographs, so I snapped what I felt needed capturing. Monet, Picasso and Manet to name a few would have been proud of me. Here’s a few I want to share and ask that you not borrow the photographs without my consent please. Thank you and enjoy.

{Photographs are the property of rawsilkandsaffron and may not be copied, borrowed or used with the prior consent of the photgrapher}

fashion: valentino haute couture 2014-15

Lots happened over the weekend, too busy to detail all in one night. While I gather my notes, and upload my photos, I wanted to take today to simply think about fashion. Haute Couture to be exact. Here are some of my favorites from Valentino Haute Couture 2014-15 season: (Can you imagine the celebs who will consider these gorgeous gowns for the award season?

Valentino Haute 2015 valentino Haute 2015-2 Valentino Haute 2015-3

healthy suggestions to share

Let’s face it. We are on information overload about how to be healthy, eat well, sleep enough, drink plenty of water and the ‘do’s and don’t’ to consider to maintain a fine lifestyle. On occasion, I scroll through these articles only to validate what I already know and decide after 30minutes of scanning the information, to keep going, just the way I have for years – eating the good and the bad in moderation, exercising and staying positive, knowing, deep down, those are the key ingredients for a lasting effect. Once in a while, I want to share what I firmly believe in and have practiced for decades, hoping it would at least help make a change in someone’s life, since it’s been validated. Here are some of the best suggestions – click on photo to be redirected: